Correct use of the UNOTEC 3D 20.0179 pen

Dear customers,

To avoid blockage of the UNOTEC 3D pen nozzle, please follow the instructions that we detail below.

  1. Always use PCL plastic filaments of 1.75mm ,other wires made of materials like PLA,ABS etc. are not compatible.
  2. Read the user manual carefully before using the UNOTEC 3D PEN . Wait until the LCD screen turns RED without flashing then you can insert the plastic filament by pressing the load button twice.
  3. Always check that the filaments you are going to insert are 1.75mm wide and made of PCL plastic. Also, make sure both ends of the wire are flat and smooth, with no grooves or ridges that may prevent or interfere the wire input.

  4. Unload the filaments when there is 3 to 5cm remaining wire in the charging port and load a new plastic filament. This will prevent blockages in the input port and the pen system.
  5. When this device is not in use, fully discharge the wire. The UNOTEC 3D pen includes a self-protection function: the device activates a standby mode automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity. In this mode, if you want to continue using the device, press the "ON / OFF" button to reactivate it. Then press the injection button when the LED is not flashing. We suggest unloading the plastic filament every time you stop using the device or after 3 minutes without using it. When the plastic wire is completely discharged, use scissors to cut flat its ends.

  6. Before using the device, always make sure that you connect the 3D pen to a 5V / 2.0A AC adapter.


    By following the above instructions, you will prevent and avoid blockages in the UNOTEC 3D pen.

Thanks for your trust

UNOTEC Support Team

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