Endoscopic WiFi camera 12.0135 - Black screen

Dear customers,

If you are using the "Moqo View" application with this camera and it does not work, you have the black screen, please try the "HD SEE" application or the "WiFi View" application.

It should work without problems.

If in Windows you also have the black screen, please download this program


and follow these instructions:

1.- Disconnect the network that you have connected to the computer (internet, etc). The computer should only be connected to the camera's Wi-Fi.
2.- You have to connect to the WIFI of the camera (the camera must be disconnected from the wifi module).
3.- Then run the downloaded program, if the windows firewall asks, allow everything, activate all the options.
4.- Finally connect the camera to the WIFI module and in the program, click on Video and connect.


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